Renascent is a blackened symphonic melodic death metal band originally from Helsinki, Finland.

The band was initiated in 2003 by Jani Stefanovic (Drums, Guitar), Eero Tertsunen (Guitar, Vocals), Mikaela Akrenius (Keyboards). Within a couple of days Voitto Rintala joined the band as a bass player, and within the same year the band recorded their first release Demons’ Quest EP at Necromorbus studio in Stockholm, Sweden. The EP was released in 2004 by Maanalainen Levykauppa (later known as Bullroser Records).

In 2004 Barry Halldan joined the band as a lead vocalist and in 2005 the band proceed

ed to record their first full-length album Through Darkness in Panic Room Studios, Skara, Sweden. Through Darkness was released in Japan 2005 by King Records and in Europe in 2006 by Metal Union Records.

In 2006 Barry Halldan and Jani Stefanovic left the band, making Eero retake vocal duties and having Markus Saarela fill out the drumming position. After playing a couple of gigs the band went to hiatus.

In 2012 the band hired Rolf Pilve (Stratovarius, Solution .45) to record drums for their next album at Drumforest Studios, Niinilahti, Finland, and recorded the rest of the material themselves. In 2015 Eero and Mikaela moved to Bloomington, Indiana, USA, where they finished the production of the second album and released it independently digitally in 2016.

Band lineup:

Mikaela Akrenius (Keyboards)
Eero Tertsunen (Guitars and vocals)
Joonas Heikkinen (Drums)
Voitto Rintala (Bass)

Previous & session members:

Jani Stefanovic (Drums, Guitar) 2003-2006
Barry Halldan (Vocals) 2004-2006
Pekka Taina (Live Guitar) since 2004
Markus Saarela (Drums 2006-2007)